Monday, 19 March 2018

Assignment 1: Preparation & Selection

Assignment number 1 from this course is to to produce a small photo essay of 10 images demonstrating the experiences, lives and history of a local community. I have chosen  a local American Football team, the Kent Exiles, who I followed on the road to becoming the UK Junior Champions.

I have taken many images on various days, many of them action shots but many also about the people around the team and off the pitch. Choosing 10 will be a difficult task from the following contact sheets. My aim is choose a variety of images to hopefully complement each other. 

I was bitterly disappointed to miss out on some wonderful shots at the point of victory due to the camera having the incorrect settings, basically not enough light leading to low shutter speeds. These are also included on the penultimate contact sheet.

Clicking on any image will open a full size slideshow of the contacts.

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